Thursday, August 24, 2006

Things to do in Penang

And I thought you only go to Penang for food...

1) Khoo Kongsi
Khoo Kongsi

2) Penang Hill
Penang Hill

3) Gurney Drive (not my personal fave though)
Gurney Drive

4) St. Anne's Church
St Anne's Church

5) Penang Butterfly Farm
6) Little India
7) Ayira Vaisyar Sri Meenakshi Jhn Sundraeswarar Temple
Ayira Vaisyar Sri Meenakshi Jhn Sundraeswarar Temple

8) Tropical Fruit Farm
Tropical Fruit Farm

9) The Garage
Garage (The)

10) Wat Chayamangkalaram
Wat Chayamangkalaram

11) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

12) Penang Museum
Penang Museum

13) Nagarathar Sivan Temple
14) Balik Pulau Town
Balik Pulau Town

15) Tua Peh Kong Temple
Tua Peh Kong Temple

16) Penang Bridge (now who could forget this?)
Penang Bridge

17) Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest
18) Yeoh Kongsi
19) Cheah Kongsi
Cheah Kongsi

20) Malayan Railway Building
Malayan Railway Building

21) Kampung Ayer
Kampung Ayer

22) Church of Our Lady of Sorrows
23) Chinatown

24) Jewish Cemetery
25) Tua Peh Kong Shrine
26) State Assembly Buildings
State Assembly Buildings

27) Penang Turf Club (Golf Section)
28) Carpenters' Guild
Carpenters' Guild

29) Sri Veeramakaliamman Devasthanam Temple
30) Nagore Shrine
Nagore Shrine

31) Masjid Pakistan
32) Jamek Haji Kassim Kampung Makam Mosque
33) Seng Heng Bau Temple
34) Teluk Bahang Beach
Teluk Bahang Beach

35) Great World Indoor Theme Park
36) P. Ramlee's House
P Ramlee's House

37) Penang Dragon Boat Race
38) Butterworth Town
39) Padang Kota Lama
Padang Kota Lama

40) Yahong Art Gallery
Yahong Art Gallery


42) Fatt Chye Wang Fortune Teller
43) Kek Lok Si Temple
Kek Lok Si Temple

44) Batu Maung Fishing Village
Batu Maung Fishing Village

45) Millionaire's Row
Millionaire's Row

46) Chung Keng Kooi Temple
47) Georgetown Baptist Church
48) Church of the Immaculate Conception
Church of the Immaculate Conception

49) Weld Quay
Weld Quay

50) Tanjung Tokong Beach
Tanjung Tokong Beach

51) St. Francis Xavier Church
St Francis Xavier Church

52) Seri Rambai Cannon
Seri Rambai Cannon

53) Muka Head Lighthouse
54) Snake Temple
Snake Temple

55) Penang Swimming Club
56) Kampung Seronok (I like the sound of this village!)
Kampung Seronok

57) Penang State Forestry Museum
58) The Revolving Restaurant (can get a bit dizzy!)
59) Penang Port
Penang Port

60) Fort Cornwallis
Fort Cornwallis

61) Mengkuang Dam
62) Batu Ferringhi
63) State Mosque
64) Pantai Aceh Forest Reserve
65) Goddess of Mercy Temple
Goddess of Mercy Temple

66) Jamek Jelutong Mosque
67) Titi Kerawang Waterfall
Titi Kerawang Waterfall

68) Sikh Gurdwara Temple
69) Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple
Buppharam Thai Buddhist Temple

70) Maha Mariamman Temple
Maha Mariamman Temple

71) Clock Tower
Clock Tower

72) Frank Swettenham Pier
Frank Swettenham Pier

73) Kapitan Keling Mosque
Kapitan Keling Mosque

74) Sri Ramar Temple
75) Town Hall
Town Hall

76) Penang Heritage Trust
77) Festival of St. Anne
78) Esplanade

79) Pinang Cultural Centre
Pinang Cultural Centre

80) Penang Buddhist Association
81) Khalsa Dharmic Jatha Sikh Temple
82) Syed Alatas Mansion
Syed Alatas Mansion

83) Penang Bird Park
84) The Art Gallery
85) Hainan Temple
86) Shree Muniswarar Kulil Waterfall Temple
Shree Muniswarar Kulil Waterfall Temple

87) Bukit Jambul Orchid, Hibiscus and Reptile Garden
Bukit Jambul Orchid, Hibiscus and Reptile Garden

88) Ng Fook Thong Cantonese Districts Association
Ng Fook Thong Cantonese Districts Association

89) Dharmikara Temple
90) Protestants' Cemetery
91) Penang Organic Farm Centre
92) Nattukottai Chettiar Temple
Nattukottai Chettiar Temple

93) The Penang Bridge Run
94) Acheen Street Mosque
Acheen Street Mosque

95) Cathedral of the Assumption
Cathedral of the Assumption

96) 120 Armenian Street
120 Armenian Street

97) Pneah Hoay
98) Arts and Culture Information Centre
99) Chap Goh Mei
100) Deepavali Open House


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